How Can Your Business Get Involved

businesses  love donating and helping by giving time to Get involved

You Can Sponsor Meals

We can co-brand with you with packaging, our branded uniforms, and are open to other ideas too. 

You Can Sponsor Trucks

Would you like to have your corporate logo on our delivery vehicles? We offer wraps for certain parts of our delivery vehicles with co-marketing opportunities. We can also add in special sponsorships with events that we host as a one time event or several throughout the year.

Employee Community Service

Your employees can volunteer their time helping distribute food and working at our events. Great time to co-brand apparel and offer giveaways out of our locations.

Food Service Providers Donations

We can use approved food donations. We also can accept equipment, vehicle use, and many other items.

Corporate Gifting

Money can also be donated and used for food and other costs associated with feeding others.

Newsletter Sponsorship

We are in the works of producing an email newsletter. Would you like to advertise and connect with your neighbors? Reach out here and we can talk.