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Hunger impacts all parts of our lives, and it can be seen and felt most with our children. These children that don't have enough to eat have a high rate of long term health issues and behavioral development issues. In turn, they cause financial and emotional strain on family, friends, schools, employers, and communities. Welcome to Juree, we combat this issue with focused attention to getting the much-needed nutrition these children need. We want to have a safe and secure environment to do so. We are only as strong as the communities we serve... Juree supports the parents, schools, daycares and other organizations that have "the child comes first" focus as we do. 

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 Our mission is to keep a focused effort in the fight against childhood food insecurity. Every child has the right to a resource for a reliable source of nutritious food. Our partnership with local schools, daycares, and other caring individuals, coupled with local companies, gives us our strength. A good source of healthy food that is attainable on a regular base is a team effort and like all teams, it is not done by one. It is done by many. The Players, coaches, managers, owners, supporting personnel -all have to their part and work together to be winners. Currently, we are focused on the Greater Dallas, Texas area but our goal is to bring our team efforts to every community in the US. A non-profit organization with focused attention on feeding children and seniors.


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